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Everstake Weekly Update Recap (March 30, 2020)

While the world fights with pandemic, tech-teams continue developing solutions, regardless of the current situation. During the last week Everstake has worked hard and was able to deliver many updates across different networks. In this recap you will find the latest updates across main Proof-of-Stake blockchains.


  • Cryptonomic releases Conseil
  • Interview with Mytro Arapinis, creator of E-cclesia
  • Tezos risks for DeFI, NFT’s and STO’s explained
  • First game based on Tezos blockchain is ready for Alpha launch
  • ProtoFire published a JavaScript smart contract integration guide






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Everstake is a leading staking service platform providing secure and reliable solutions to token holders and institutional investors looking to profit off their digital assets. With the running top Validators on the PoS and DPoS markets, Everstake became trusted technical partner

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