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Everstake Weekly Update Recap (May 18, 2020)

While the blockchain industry has slowly enters the mass-adoption phase related to traditional finance, projects continue to deliver their solutions every single day. In this weekly recap you will discover the latest updates all across the most popular Proof-of-Stake networks. Enjoy!





  • Cybers brrrrr cyberlink machine has generated 90k links
  • MeiChain testnet is LIVE
  • Technical Game of Zones Update from Interchain GmbH
  • Episode 5 of Citizen Cosmos with Lee Hyung Yeon


  • Small-cap projects technical recap, IOST among the projects under the spotlight
  • Ep 83: Scalable Smart Contracts w/ IOST Co-Founder, Terry Wang
  • IOST & OKEX Has Conducted Russian AMA Session with Alina Yo


  • Our team has updated the ICON section of the website
  • We have updated the ICON section of our website
  • Everstake became one of the winners in ICON Pilot Program
  • Our company has entered the Harmony Open Staking As A Validator
  • Our team has released the guide on Securing Solana RPC with Nginx.
  • Everstake has entered the KiChain Kazeki testnet as a network validator

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