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Harp bridge is live on testnet and needs you

Everstake is happy to announce public testing for Harp, Harmony-Polkadot (Edgeware) bridge!

The bridge aims to provide interoperability for two prominent blockchains. This is a vital piece of infrastructure that will spur and support the growth of products/projects like DEXes, Liquidity pools, cross-chain lending and other DeFi instruments across the whole blockchain space. We’re sure that many potential use cases, we are not aware of at the moment, will emerge as interoperability becomes a household name in crypto.

We are glad to find the Harmony team as a partner that shares our vision of the industry future, the current and middle-term trends, including DeFi and NFTs. Many thanks to the team for the help and support during the cooperation, which, we are sure, is just the beginning of something significant!

Please note, you are going to blaze the trail walking through a testnet phase before the mainnet launch which is expected in about 1.5 months from now. Digital adventure lovers and investigators, are you here?

Now more than ever we need your support. Real testing is possible only with real users — with you. And it is about win-win interaction, thus you can find some financial motivation too. As well as we are more than happy to receive and handle your feedback and suggestions — you are able to take part in product development and get first-hand experience.

You are welcome to take part in the test and get one of our hot rewards — 300 ONE tokens!

Hurry up — first 100 users only are able to get a piece of 30 000 ONE reward pot!

To get the reward you should complete a successful two-way transaction or find a bug. If you have both — you are welcome to get a double reward!

To take part in the test you should follow the instructions and complete the form as soon as you get the result.

Welcome aboard and let’s shake the bridge!

Everstake is a reliable blockchain provider with a strong team and a tight-knit community. This validator supports the Harmony network and other blockchains that have future prospects. Stake with Everstake and subscribe to the team’s social media so you don’t miss anything important!










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