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How to Connect a Ledger Wallet to the Persistence Wallet and Stake XPRT: A Simple Guide for Beginners

The Persistence Wallet supports the integration of Ledger Nano S and Nano X with which you can delegate XPRT tokens and receive staking rewards.

Ledger wallets are hardware wallets for the cold storage of cryptocurrencies. This means that coins can be stored without an Internet connection, and this eliminates the possibility of remote wallet hacking. This storage method is considered the most secure, and private keys never leave the device. Thanks to the growth of Ledger integrations with many crypto wallets where staking is available, this type of earning is reaching a new level of security.

Persistence is an actively developing platform that aims to help its users receive funding, and holders get passive income of about 35% per annum from staking. XPRT staking profitability is currently one of the highest among PoS networks. This guide will show you how to connect Ledger Wallet and stake XPRT in the Persistence wallet.

Connecting Ledger to Persistence Wallet

The first step is to install the Ledger Live app through which you can connect to the Persistence wallet. Go to the Ledger Live page and install the app by clicking Download the app.

The Ledger Live app is available on both desktop and mobile iOS and Android devices. Select the device you need and install the application or download it from direct links

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of installing and creating a wallet in Ledger Live using Mac OS as an example. Run the app and click Get started. If you are an active Ledger user and do not need an initial installation, skip to the next section of this guide called Installing Persistence Wallet in Ledger.

Get ready to create a wallet: grab a pen and write down your seed phrase. Before you start, please read the rules for secure storage of mnemonic passwords in the Crypto Security Guide.

When you’re ready, click on the button OK, I’m ready!

Initiate the Ledger device. Turn on your hardware wallet and connect it to your computer. Select the Set up as a new device option by switching between them using one of the buttons on the device case, and then press both buttons at the same time. Then click Next step in the Ledger Live app.

Set a PIN. A six-digit PIN will protect your device from unauthorized access.

Press the left or right button to select a digit and press both buttons at the same time to confirm. Do this 6 times and then confirm the PIN to set it. When done, click Next step.

Write down the seed phrase. Get a piece of paper or a special protective device for storing the seed. You can download and print the template to write a mnemonic phrase.

The words will display on the Ledger Nano device. To select the next word, press the right button on the device. Make a written note with the sequence of all the words in the table, and then click Next step.

Confirm that you have correctly written down the seed phrase. Select the correct word on the Ledger device with the left or right button and press both buttons to confirm. Repeat this with the rest of the words.

Done! Connect and unlock your device, and then click Continue to log into Ledger Live

Installing the Persistence Wallet app in Ledger Live

The next step is to install the Persistence wallet. To use the wallet, you need to install the application in Ledger Live. First, unlock your Ledger device and go to the app manager (Manager tab in the left menu).

Press both buttons on the device when the display shows Allow Ledger manager.

Wait for the device to connect and unlock.

In the Ledger Live directory, find the Persistence app. To speed up the process, use the search as shown in the screenshot below. Click on the Install button to install the application.

Once the Persistence application is installed, it appears in the tab Apps Installed.

Start the Persistence application and log in by clicking on the button Use Ledger.

Since you’re connecting via Ledger, you don’t need to create a new wallet — it’s ready to go. Select the device that appears in the list and click Connect.

Find the Persistence app by pressing the left or right button on the device. To select an application, press both buttons simultaneously.

If Persistence ready appears on the display press both buttons again.

Now go back to the Persistence Wallet and click Continue.

First, verify the Persistence address by clicking Verify as shown in the screenshot. Then copy the address and send XPRT tokens to it.

If you do not have XPRT tokens, you can buy them on Gate.io, AscendEX, and DEXs Osmosis Zone and Emeris. After funding your wallet, proceed to Persistence staking.

Go to the section Staking located in the top menu of the Persistence application.

Select a validator from the list. For this guide, we chose the validator Everstake. After you have selected a validator, click on the button Actions opposite.

Then click Delegate.

Enter the number of XPRT tokens to be delegated. Persistence does not set a minimum for staking. Memo is an optional field. If you don’t know what it is, ignore it. You can use it to withdraw tokens (unstaking). But if you lose it, without a Memo you will not be able to withdraw your tokens.

Click Submit.

Finally, confirm the transaction with your Ledger wallet. To do this, select the Approve item and press both buttons on the device at the same time.

After that, the following message will appear in the application:

Done! You have successfully delegated XPRT tokens and will receive up to 35% per annum. Rewards can be withdrawn at any time and delegated again to benefit from compound interest. Earn easy, delegating XPRT to Everstake staking provider!

Why Everstake?

Everstake is a reliable staking provider with over 365k active delegates. The total number of Everstake assets staked exceeds $5 billion. Here are a few undeniable advantages of the Everstake validator:

  • High-quality server hardware, which allows achieving performance close to 100%;
  • The team actively participates in meetups, hackathons, contests and actively assists in the development of PoS platforms through the development of its own products;
  • The team includes experts with many years of experience in the areas of blockchain, banking and fintech;
  • Careful selection of projects for staking and 24/7 support;
  • About 500 educational articles on Medium dedicated to Blockchain and Staking.

That is why choosing the Everstake validator provides not only reliability and security but also the most convenient service for crypto holders.

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Everstake is a leading staking service platform providing secure and reliable solutions to token holders and institutional investors looking to profit off their digital assets. With the running top Validators on the PoS and DPoS markets, Everstake became trusted technical partner

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