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How to Get Rewards for Staking Solana (SOL)

The Solana blockchain project has launched the main network and already supports staking, but no rewards have been distributed yet. But users can now stake SOL tokens and start receiving rewards even before payments become available on the blockchain. In this article, we will tell you how to do this.

What is Solana (SOL)

Solana is a secure, fast and scalable blockchain platform that allows you to create high-performance applications (dApps) and decentralized marketplaces.

The platform is still at the start of its development, but it has a high potential. More than 170 validators have already joined the Solana network, despite the fact that there are no rewards for staking yet.

For more information about the Solana project, visit the Everstake website. (https://everstake.one/solana)

How to stake Solana and get rewards

Although the blockchain does not yet reward its stakers, there is one way that users can get rewarded for delegating their tokens.

Everstake believes that Solana has excellent prospects and the project really brings value to the blockchain industry.

Thus, our team decided to support Solana users and token holders, and our validator is already sharing rewards with delegators.

All this is done in order to check how the rewards will work in Solana.

What you need to do to check inflation and get a reward right now

1. Create a wallet with which you will stake and top it up with SOL tokens. We have prepared simple and detailed guides on how to stake Solana in the Solflare web wallet:

Disclaimer. The Solflare crypto wallet works with the Ledger Nano X device is still unstable, and errors may occur. Developers are already working on this problem.

2. Stake with Everstake validator. You can get acquainted with Everstake and find out what advantages our validator has on our website (https://everstake.one/solana )

Everstake validator Address:


APR — 2% (and we will increase it)
3% from 30.11.2020
4% from 7.12.2020
5% from 14.12.2020
6% from 21.12.2020

Payout — once a week

3. Enjoy the reward!

We also wrote about how to stake coins in the articles that you can find via the links above.

Everstake delegates will receive 2% per annum now (before inflation starts). After the test, we plan to increase the APR. The promotion will continue until Solana launches staking with rewards for users.

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