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How to Stake Rizon ($ATOLO) with Omniflix via Keplr Wallet

Marketed as a digital currency and assets hub, Rizon provides the following features:

  • Governance for minting digital assets

Tendermint engine and Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol powering Rizon platform ensure scalability and interoperability of the project. This is a blockchain ready for decentralized emission and governance of stablecoins. Its on-chain facilities to be made available aim at ‘facilitating instant exchange of assets and hoRIZONtal expansion across borders’, as well as promise reduced operational costs for businesses, integration of their workflows and assets into blockchain without restricting access to the off-chain environment.

Rizon founding company Hdac Technology announced the launch of RCHF and REUR stablecoins on the Rizon blockchain. A Swiss bank in Zurich is to provide collateral for these assets maintaining their stable exchange rate to the underlying fiat currencies. Already now, Rizon has its native coin, $ATOLO, available for holding, staking, and other transactions. Staking $ATOLO tokens with validators enables token owners to gain profits as they earn rewards for governing and developing the RIZON blockchain through their stakes.

Everstake is a recommended validator for the assets you would like to delegate. A professional staking provider supporting over 45 blockchains, Everstake has been successfully validating Cosmos Hub and other Cosmos-based blockchains. It joined Rizon from its mainnet launch on September 28, 2021, as a Genesis validator.

This guide will show you how to delegate your $ATOLO to validator in OmniFlix platform via Keplr Wallet to earn from staking your Rizon crypto assets. You can also stake $ATOLO in Cosmostaion following this guide: How to Get ATOLO (RIZON) and Stake via Cosmostation Wallet.

Let’s go staking!

1. Enable Keplr Wallet

Keplr wallet is available as a Chrome browser extension, or as Android and iOS applications. Use your Google account to install the Keplr extension.

$ATOLO staking in Omniflix is most convenient when using Keplr as a Chrome extension.

If you need assistance in properly installing and launching the extension-based Keplr wallet, click here (consult Step2: Create a Keplr Wallet).

2. Connect your Keplr wallet to Omniflix

  • Approve the Chain Add Request.
  • It may take a couple of minutes to complete. Reload the page if the connection takes too long.
  • Congratulations! You have your RIZON wallet connected to Omniflix and enabled in Keplr.

Time to get some $ATOLO to start earning with Everstake.

3. Stock up $ATOLO for staking

  • Get $ATOLO on the exchange platforms trading this currency.
  • You can also find and copy this address in your Keplr wallet extension.
  • Send $ATOLO to the RIZON address by completing the respective transaction.

4. Staking $ATOLO in Omniflix

  • First thing first, make sure your browser does not block Omniflix staking.
  • In the drop-down menu, select Site settings.
  • In the Settings, go to the Insecure content tab and set Allow in its drop-down menu.
  • Now that you have unblocked $ATOLO staking, your browser may mark Omniflix ‘Not secure’. No worries, you have just enabled RIZON staking!

Well-done! Let’s proceed to RIZON coin staking.

  • In the Omniflix Dashboard, click Stake (at the upper bar next to Dashboard).
  • This generates the list of $ATOLO validators available.
  • Set your validator. Everstake is a great choice.
  • Click DELEGATE.
  • Set the sum to stake and DELEGATE. Keep a few coins unstaked as transaction fees apply.
  • As the Keplr window appears requesting a transaction fee, set it to Low (this works flawlessly), and hit Approve.
  • Omniflix is going to notify you of the successful delegation.
  • Launch your Keplr wallet extension to check your RIZON assets.
  • With the Omniflix dashboard, you can always get your delegated $ATOLO tokens back within the unbonding period of 21 days or reassign the tokens to another staking provider without unstaking.
  • The first redelegation of the staked amount completes instantly. But further redelegating any amount already redelegated is only available in 21 days.
  • Staking rewards are accumulating right before your eyes.
  • You can withdraw the rewards to your main RIZON account. Click CLAIM to get them available for further transactions. For instance, stake the tokens claimed as rewards with Everstake to get extra profits from staking.

5. Benefits of delegating $ATOLO with Everstake.

Everstake has been exploring and supporting the RIZON blockchain since the very beginning as its Genesis validator. The provider is leveraging its experience of operating over 45 blockchains, each supervised by a dedicated DevOps crew, to maximize the staking profits of its delegators.

Everstake is a №1 staking provider by the audience. Users chose it much more often than any other competitor. Why do so many holders of crypto assets delegate their funds to Everstake?

The unique feature that wins so much credit for the staking platform is its vast outreach effort as the company provides user-friendly staking guides and news for everyone to engage in the markets of cryptocurrencies. That would not suffice unless Everstake has provided a business-grade infrastructure for its staking-as-a-service. Its validating nodes are ~99.99% uptime seizing every opportunity to earn staking profits and avoiding any penalties for idling. Again, the business maintains staking services for over 45 blockchains run by chain-specific teams of professionals. This enables focusing on specific blockchain opportunities and avoiding pitfalls while sharing common staking mishaps and best practices for unrivaled performance.

Follow Everstake social media channels for the latest developments and insights in the world of PoS cryptocurrencies and enjoy hot staking opportunities.









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