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How to stake Tezos using the Atomex web wallet

The Atomex wallet has a built-in hybrid exchange (CEX + DEX) for internal token exchange. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to stake Tezos (XTZ) coins in the Atomex wallet.

Step 1. Create a crypto wallet

Go to the Atomex website and click Web Wallet.

On the page that opens, click Create New Wallet.

Select the mainnet wallet type (default). Click Next.

Come up with a name for your wallet and enter it in the corresponding field.

Select the interface language and the number of words in the seed phrase (from 12 to 24). Then click Generate to create a new mnemonic password with the specified number of words.

Important! Write your seed phrase on paper and save it in a safe place, hidden from prying eyes. If you lose the recovery keyword, you will not be able to access the funds in your wallet.

Enter your wallet password. This is an optional step, but we recommend that you do this for additional wallet protection. Make sure that the password complexity is at least Very Strong.

Create a password to encrypt your private keys. Finally, click Finish to complete creating the wallet.

The wallet is created. Now you can access the Atomex web wallet interface.

Here you will see your assets and their distribution in your crypto portfolio.

Step 2. XTZ coins staking

In order to get Tezos coins, you need to become a delegate and choose a reliable validator. We recommend choosing the Everstake staking provider. The team recently updated its Baker to strengthen security measures and improve risk management for user’s XTZ portfolios.

To get coins, go to the Wallets section, select the Tezos (XTZ) coin, and click Delegate after you top up your wallet.

If you decide to delegate coins to the Everstake team, enter the following information;

  • Name: Everstake;
  • Address: tz1aRoaRhSpRYvFdyvgWLL6TGyRoGF51wDjM;
  • Base fee after promotion: 10,9%.

If you have any questions, please contact us in our Telegram chat.

. . .

Website: everstake.one

Twitter: @Everstake_pool

Telegram: @Everstake_chat

Facebook: fb.me/everstake.one

Reddit: /r/Everstake/



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