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How to Test Cartesi’s Staking Delegation?

What is Cartesi?

Cartesi is an off-chain decentralized computation platform. Cartesi is unique because it allows decentralized applications to be run on Linux in a way that’s verifiable by the blockchain. Complex processing can be executed off-chain free from blockchain’s computational limits and corresponding fees.

A user can stake CTSI tokens by running a node, custodial staking, or staking delegation. With staking delegation, users can stake CTSI through Staking Pools, created and managed by third-party trusted organizations or individuals, without the need to hand their tokens directly to third parties. In this case, pool operators are responsible for managing a Noether node, and they earn a commission out of the blocks rewards as compensation for operating the pool and the ETH fees they have to spend.

How to Test Cartesi’s Staking Delegation

First of all, go to the Cartesi staking platform.

To be able to delegate CTSI test tokens you will need to connect the MetaMask wallet. Log into your account to surpass this step.

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For now, Cartesi Network is in its testing stage. That is why be sure to select the correct network — the Ropsten Test Network.

In order to test Cartesi’s Staking Delegation — Beta release, you will need Ropsten ETH for transactions fees and CTSI test tokens for staking. To get Ropsten ETH, go to the Ropsten Ethereum (rETH) Faucet. Click on the “Send Ropsten ETH” button only after copying your MetaMask address and clicking on the “I am human” button. See the step-by-step guide from the below screenshots.

In order to request CTSI test tokens follow this link. Then click on the “Connect to Web3” button.

On the pop-up window, choose MetaMask.

Then click on the “OK” button.

To end this process, click on the “Write” button after clicking on “RequestTokens” and finalizing by confirming the transaction.

To see your CTSI test tokens, go to your MetaMask wallet and click on the “Add Token” button after clicking on the “Assets” button.

To fulfill this operation, you will need to copy the CTSI test token contract and paste it into MetaMask.

Click on the “Next” button.

To finalize click on the “Add Tokens” button.

The CTSI test token account is created with your requested test tokens. You will receive 100 000 CTSI test tokens.

With the MetaMask wallet connected, you can start the most important task — staking CTSI test tokens in a validator pool.

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Everstake — a professional staking-as-a-service platform

For this operation, go and click on the “Pools” button from the Cartesi explorer.

Search us by the pool name — pool1.everstake.eth. Once you have found our pool, click on the “Stake” button to choose it.

To continue the process, you will need to set an allowance by clicking on the “Edit” button and confirm the transaction.

*Tip: you can set an allowance bigger than your CTSI bag so that you don’t spend other transaction fees if you want to add more CTSI to stake.

After this point, you will need to add the amount of CTSI test tokens you want to stake to the pool by clicking on the “Edit” button.

On the pop-up window insert the number of tokens you want to add. Then click on the “Save” button and confirm the transaction.

Your stake is added to the pool and has started the 6 hours maturing period.

In order to finish the process, you will need to stake the CTSI test tokens. To do this, please click on the “+” button, insert the amount you want to stake, click the “Save” button and confirm the transaction.

Your test tokens are staked and ready to produce rewards.

The user reward share is not directly transferred to the user wallet. Instead, it is re-staked automatically by the pool, producing a compounding effect. The stake of the reward is also subject to the regular stake maturation period.

If you desire to unstake, firstly click on the “-” button, then insert the amount or click on the “Full amount” button. Once you do it, click on “Save” and finally confirm the transaction.

The CTSI test tokens have been unstaked and entered the pool.

In order to withdraw some CTSI test tokens from the pool, firstly click on the “-” button, secondly enter the amount you desire to withdraw, thirdly click on the “Save” button, and finally confirm the transaction.

Finally, our CTSI test tokens are withdrawn.

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