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ICON Staking Guide: ICX Claiming and Unstaking

Sometimes when you are dealing with complex technologies, you may stumble upon unknown scenarios when you have to perform a certain activity. ICON blockchain has its own features that users must know about, and in this short material, you will discover how to claim and unstake ICX tokens via ICONex wallet.

This guide assumes that you have already staked and voted your ICX, and in case you haven’t done so already, please refer to our previously published ICON Staking Guides for desktop and mobile.

ICX Claim

As you already know, users who staked ICX tokens are getting rewards in I-Score which should be converted into ICX tokens once sufficient amount is reached.

In order to do that, please click on the ‘Voting’ section of the ICONex wallet.

Then click on the ‘My Status’ section.

Once you will be in the ‘My Status’ section, please click on the ‘Claim’ button.

A few pop-up windows will show up where you have to confirm your operation.

That’s it, now you have converted your I-Score, claiming the ICX tokens.

Unstaking Process

Sometimes you may want to decrease amount of staked ICX tokens, and to do that you have to open first ‘Voting’ section of the wallet. Please remember that unstaking process is divided into two steps where during the first one you have to unvote your P-Rep, and only then you will be able to unstake your ICX tokens.

Go to ‘My Status’ section of the wallet.

Then click on the ‘Vote’ button to choose a P-Rep you want to unvote.

Once you click on the ‘Vote’ button, you will be transferred to the voting page.

Please click on the ‘Vote’ button which is located right in front of your P-Rep.

Decrease the voting power by clicking on the ‘+/-’ buttons, or use simply drag the slider.

Confirm your operation by clicking on the ‘Vote’ button and then turn to ‘My Status’ page again. where you have to click on the ‘Adjust’ button.

In order to unstake some portion of your ICX balance, decrease the number of staked ICX tokens by dragging slider.

Now you have unstaked your ICX, but note that it takes 11 days to release your tokens, so that you could use them again.

Here are the other links to our complete staking guides in case you need them.

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