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ICON Staking Guide: MyIconWallet Comes Into Play

New technologies must be supported and when our team has a chance to improve the blockchain space from development or any other standpoint, we always try to immerse ourselves in it. While many users are already familiar with ICON staking, there are some individuals who are just starting out. And in this material, you will discover how to stake ICON via MyIconWallet that recently became available on mobile devices as well.

Wallet Creation Process

First of all, you have to download and install MyIconWallet application that comes both for iOS and Android users.

Then you can start the wallet creation process which implies setting up your local access code, wallet name, and password.

Please note, you also have to save the Keystore file which can be used later on in case you lose physical access to your mobile phone.

Staking And Voting Process

In order to vote your ICX tokens for a particular network entity, open the ‘Vote’ tab.

Then tap into the search bar ‘Everstake’ which will be the primary entity that you voted for, and then finish the first part of the procedure by clicking on the ‘Vote’ button and also on ‘Discover more P-reps’.

Then use the search again to find the second P-Rep called the ReliantNode, that you can vote for by clicking the ‘Vote’ button.

Use the slider to choose the desired amount of ICX that you want to stake for these 2 P-reps that you picked, and then click on the ‘Confirm Votes’

Rewards Claiming Process

It’s important to emphasize, that users who stake their ICX tokens for a particular network entity, receive rewards in the I-Score that should be converted later on into the ICX.

Once you collected a sufficient number of I-Score you will be able to claim it simply by clicking on the ‘Claim I-Score’ button in the Home Menu.

You also have to confirm your operation and that’s it, you just claimed your ICX tokens.

ICX Unstaking And Unvoting

In some cases, you may want to change your current P-Rep, or simply you may want to have your digital assets back to sell them further.

To unstake your ICX tokens click on the ‘Vote’ tab, choose the P-Rep that you want to unvote, and then click on the ‘Change Votes’ button.

Set the desired amount of ICX that you will unvote, and then confirm your operation.

Wallet created by ReliantNode 🇦🇺

Everstake is one of the ICON P-reps! Please support us with your vote!

Every single vote matters for us, allowing us to continue developing tools for ICON blockchain and supporting the East European community.

Staking with ICONex Web Wallet

Staking with ICONex Mobile Wallet

Staking with Ledger

How to get ICX rewards


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Everstake is a leading staking service platform providing secure and reliable solutions to token holders and institutional investors looking to profit off their digital assets. With the running top Validators on the PoS and DPoS markets, Everstake became trusted technical partner

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