IOST Voting Guide. How to vote on the IOSTABC explorer using the iWallet extension.

Mar 29, 2019 · 3 min read

First of all, whenever performing any operations with your wallet always make sure that you are using the right website. There plenty of scams out there trying to steal your crypto, so be careful.

If you don’t have an IOST mainnet account, follow the steps below. If you have a mainnet account, skip first 4 steps and jump right to step #5.

  1. Go to and select the tab ‘Create Account For Free’.

2. Check the ‘auto generate’ box to generate your public key and enter your account name. Note that account name must be between 5 and 11 characters and must consist of a-z letters and 0–9 digits only.

Before you proceed to the next step make sure nobody can see your screen.

3. Click the captcha and click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’.

4. Your mainnet account is successfully created. You will see a message with your keys and account information.

! Write down your private key in some safe place and save it. Remember: if you don’t own your private key, you don’t own your crypto.

5. Install the ‘iWallet’ extension on Chrome.

6. Once the extension is installed. Click on it, set your password and click import.

7. Enter the private key for your account and click submit. Your account is successfully imported into iWallet.

8. Now you can proceed to voting for a Servi Node or a partner. Go to and click the ‘Producer Vote’ tab.

9. Browse through the list of nodes, find the one you want to support and click the button ‘Vote for it’.

10. Enter the amount of IOST you want to vote with and click ‘Vote’.

11. Check the information on the pop-up that opens and if everything is correct click ‘Confirm’.

12. You will see a message saying that your votes have been cast.

13. In the ‘My Votes’ tab you can check the status of your votes and rewards.

If you have any questions, you can contact us using one of the channels:






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