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Polkadot Standard Proposal on DKG Threshold msig Wallet. Call for Feedback

For the past month Everstake team has been working on an implementation of the DKG threshold msig wallet for Polkadot. We’re now ready to share the Standrard Proposal with the community and would appreacite any feedback, ideas and suggestions.

You can find the PSP document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dsVVqQtj60QojmIrYrQ_tCkKDk8PJDi_UZCdsBDMnVY/edit#heading=h.7nogolp195xq

To leave your feedback you can contact us at:

Email: inbox@everstake.one

Telegram: @vit_park

Riot: @mrvatka32:matrix.org



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