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Tezos Staking Guide Via Atomic Wallet: A Secure Desktop Solution

Whenever it comes to cryptocurrency staking, the ease of use and security of a particular wallet is one of the most essential factors for users. Atomic Wallet solves these problems by allowing users to stake their digital assets easily while providing a good security level and multicurrency capabilities. In this material, you will discover a simple way of staking Tezos through the Atomic Wallet.

Actual Staking Process

Atomic Wallet is only available for such desktop platforms as Windows, macOS, Linux and it can be easily downloaded on the official website.

After you download and install the wallet, save the 12-word seed phrase in a secure place and choose the desired password which will be used for the local wallet access.

As with any good cryptocurrency wallets, your private keys are encrypted, stored locally and they don’t get transferred to any third parties.

Once you proceed through all the steps required for wallet generation, you will get into the main menu where you have to enter into the search bar ‘Tezos’ and choose it once it appears on your screen.

After you open up the Tezos menu, simply click on the ‘Stake’ button and proceed further.

Then you will have to choose a custom baker by clicking on the ‘Custom Baker’ button.

Insert the Everstake Tezos delegation address into the field and click on the ‘Stake’ button.

Name: Everstake
Address: tz1aRoaRhSpRYvFdyvgWLL6TGyRoGF51wDjM
Promotional Fee: 5%
Promotion Duration: 3 months, until September 1st or approximately 34 Tezos cycles
Base fee after promotion: 8%

Attention to all current and future Everstake delegators! Please, delegate/redelegate your XTZ to a new baker — Everstake (Old Baker — Everstake Legacy). You will continue to receive the rewards and won’t miss anything!

To acquire the Everstake’s Tezos delegation address please refer to our Tezos page on our official website.

Proceed further through all steps, confirming your staking operation.

Now your XTZ is finally staked, and since there are no network lock-up periods for staked Tezos, you can freely use your XTZ for any financial operations.

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