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Teztracker Update #6

During the last two weeks we were actively focusing on the Governance part of the explorer, and wanted to finish it before the Promotion Period, but we had to take a little bit more time to deliver everything well.

In this material you will find what has been done at Teztracker over the past 2 weeks.


Now you can track the amendment process using Teztracker. It provides a detailed information on each voting period with participation rates, quorum specs and many other things.

Using Teztracker you can also check Bakers participation in the governance process.

Public Bakers

We have added a separate list for public bakers. Initially, we wanted to use BakerRegistry as a primary source of information, however, as of today not many delegation services have submitted their information onchain.

Date format

There have been a number of requests to add the US date format for simplicity, so, now you can switch it on by enabling the slider in settings (top right-hand side of the page).

Apart from that we’ve applied a few UI/UX fixes, added the possibility to select amount of items per page and sorting buttons for bakers.

In the following 2 weeks, we’ll be focusing on providing more information about bakers (projected rewards, baking/endorsement schedule, etc), accounts and blocks. So, the work continues, stay tuned.

As usual we are more than happy to receive any feedback and criticism from the community. If you have any ideas, send us an e-mail at inbox@everstake.one

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