The Best Time To Delegate Cosmos is Now

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Cosmos combines various sovereign blockchains with various consensus algorithms. This technological breakthrough provides unlimited transaction possibilities and a high level of access for developers.

The ecosystem is used to create decentralized applications of any complexity and size using the Tendermint BFT consensus algorithm. However, Cosmos works with any blockchain that supports tokens. You can take advantage of Cosmos staking and now is probably the best time to do so.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Delegate Cosmos


ATOM is the native and main token of the Cosmos ecosystem. It is implemented as a standard token in other blockchains. They can be connected to or linked to the infrastructure. A complex system of smart contracts that issue, freeze, control and burn Cosmos tokens on all connected blockchains allows ATOM to be transferred between blockchains and treated as a cross-chain commodity.

Tendermint BFT is a consensus POS. Therefore, it requires the participation of validators. Validators collect shares from other wallets. They then mine blocks and are rewarded just like any other Proof of Stake consensus.

Cosmos uses the BPoS consensus algorithm. This means that the main task of the validator is to ensure continuous uptime and the absence of double signatures. Due to the increased risks and technical complexity, running a validator requires powerful hardware and good technical knowledge.

To start ATOM delegation, you need to find a secure and reliable validator. The main selection criteria are maximum uptime and a double signature prevention mechanism.


Everstake is the market leader in PoS staking. This confirms that the validator provides services for more than 15 different PoS and PoS-based coins. The running nodes and thus supporting the networks, as well as the considerable amount of assets delegated to us, are the main evidence of our reliability.

Everstake communicates with the community and follows the latest guidelines from the networks it is tested on. All staked digital assets are fully protected from reduction.

Everstake provides the most powerful hardware to maximize the profitability of its delegates. In addition, we give the most convenient options for managing delegated staking.

To start staking with Everstake, you need to follow our instructions. You can control its execution using a chatbot. We run our nodes on the latest hardware:

  • Intel® Xeon® E-2176G Hexa-Core processor with 12MB of L3 SmartCache and 12 threads running at up to 4,7GHz, based on Coffee Lake architecture
  • 64GB of DDR4 ECC memory, capable of keeping the whole blockchain in memory
  • 2x1TB of enterprise-level SSD for local storage
  • Stable 1GBps port
Infrastructure we use

Everstake has 3 other servers located in different data centers. Such centers have RAID1 (mirroring). We at Everestake use a separate backup storage in each data center.

Learn more about the staking process, whether you are a delegate or just an investor, through our special Telegram bot developed by Everstake.

The chatbot allows you to track various staking/validation and other real-time metrics such as incoming and outgoing transactions, balances, staking/unstaking notifications, and many other important things that can help you track various activities on the blockchain.

With proven security, enterprise-grade hardware and software support, Everstake can offer a consistent yield of 13.02% per year on Cosmos (ATOM) staking.

Start delegating your Cosmos (ATOM) tokens to Everstake:

If you have any questions regarding staking ATOM, feel free to contact our ATOM Blockchain Manager on Twitter.

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