Why I Joined Deputy: Brett Chester

An interview with Deputy’s SVP of Global Marketing, Brett Chester

Brett Chester, SVP Global Marketing at Deputy

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Brett Chester. I am the SVP of Global Marketing for Deputy and based in the Bay Area, California. Before joining Deputy, I was the VP of Marketing for SiteTracker, a project management software platform.

Do you have a shift work story?

Yes, for sure. My “shift work story” involves two jobs when I was growing up: I worked at an outdoor camping store in Sydney city, and I stacked the shelves at a Coles (a grocery chain) near Bondi Beach. I had nothing other than a scrap of paper, my wits, and the determination to ensure I had a shift in both roles. I wish there were a solution like Deputy around in those days — I would have achieved my goals much faster.

What are the three top reasons why you joined Deputy?

Deputy’s powerful shift work story.

One of the keys to the success of Deputy is that most of our team have struggled through work scenarios that give them unique insights as to the problems we are solving for our customers. From the daily struggles of communicating with managers, schedule time off, swap shifts, etc. — everyone has family or friends that continue to experience these issues every day. Deputy was not only founded by someone who has experienced and fully understands the struggles workers and owners face, but nearly everyone you speak to at the company has a personal (and growing) connection to shift work. This is a huge part of what really drives the team to provide market-leading, tangible solutions for owners, managers, and workers worldwide.

Aussie tech company.

Australia has a rich history of innovation and bringing new technologies to the world. Atlassian is a perfect example of an Aussie-founded company that has led the way for so many new-age tech start-ups to enter the global marketplace and effectively scale. I am excited to be part of Deputy’s story. Our success will drive the next generation of Australian pioneers and entrepreneurs to take risks and deliver more Aussie innovation to the world.

A product-led company that believes in the power of marketing.

Deputy is a product-led company that believes in the power of marketers and marketing and the impact that marketing teams can make. This same belief and respect extend to all members of our growing team, and this is a dream come true for any employee. The leadership team has done a great job architecting a fit-for-purpose team, which is critical for the continued high growth of our business.

The marketing team is growing at our Sydney, San Francisco, and London offices. Visit our careers page to see more about what open roles you could fill…




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Deputy is on a mission is to simplify shift work for millions of workers and businesses worldwide.

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