#1 — The Hunter — Red Hot Chili Peppers

I’m Daniele. 28. Professional Freelancer. Part-time dreamer.

I started this “blog” because i like writing.. in Italian. I try to write it in English because I already know that I like doing it in Italian.

I don’t choose a subject for now.

I like the idea to share a song per day (I was inspired by a colleague of mine Pietro De Grandi who posts a photo per day). I don’t have a super camera so I try with the songs (It’s cheaper and I’m poor). However I don’t know. Maybe I’ll also share some Go-Pro photos. For now I keep the door open for everything. Maybe tomorrow I will stop. Or I will die. Or I will be on the moon. Future is unpredictable. What i know now is that this is only for my personal pleasure.

I start with this song.


This song, like a few others, struck me. I remember i was listening a casual playlist on Spotify and i was doing other stuff. When this song started my mind just stopped and gave all attention to the music. This happens to me only with few particular songs and changes along the time. I know why; it was totally related to my mood in that moment. But every time I remain surprised because the song describes my emotions and feeling. And the weird thing is that this happened without paying attention to the lyrics.

Moreover, i have songs that remind me of some good (or bad) experiences. Or, I could find new songs that let me discover a new part of me.

And so it is.

I try to be myself through sharing different stuff.

PS: Thanks to the beautiful finnish girl who helped me with English grammar :)