#22 — I Forget Where We Where — Ben Howard

Ben Howard is one of those who captures your attention if one of his songs casually start playing on the radio. It was really difficoult choosing only one of his songs. I like quite all of them. The Finger-picking and the pop-folk rhythm is brilliant. I choose this song because it is one of my favourite.

..Hello love, my invincible friend
Oh hello love, the thistle and the burr
Oh hello love, for you I have so many words
But I, I forget where we were..

His songs are a mixture of melancholy, sadness, fears, hope and surprise. He seems so sensitive in how he sings. It’s incredible. He creates these modern and immaginary atmospheres using only a classic guitar and an amazing voice. He’s really talented. He reminds me of youth and blitheness of spirit when he sings or my first love or my first something. You just put on Ben Howard, close the eyes and you simply naturally go in his world.

Just relax yourself and turn off your brain. A moment to recharge the battery. A mini holiday in the Ben’s World