#3 — Snakeskin — Deerhunter

Fresh. Groovy. Funky. Weird. Psycho.

Please Press Play.

Sitting on the chair, probably in the dining room, he smiles and looks at you with a psycho gaze. He already knows that something is going to go wrong but he keeps laughing and smiling. You could feel comfortable. At 0.49 he winks at you. He’s a weirdo. I think he knows that something in himself is fucked up in some way. It’s not you, it’s him. It is the black animal inside him.

I don’t know which animals it is.

However he keeps smiling. But he knows that it’s wrong. And the funky guitar progression creates a surreal atmosphere. It’s all surreal. Why do I need to smile if I feel bad? Am I stupid?

In the end he let the animal go out.

Frustration, bad feelings etc. Dark colours and psycho’s sounds.

It seems like he is telling you “now you know who I am, what I felt..”. Then, at almost the end of the song, the camera focuses on him sitting on the chair. Again. Same posture. Same smile. But the music has changed. There is a kind of noise inside it. Something went wrong. Something is still wrong. Or maybe no more.

The animal went out. It’s not so dangerous. It’s only a bad emotion.

It’s all ready.

For a new beginning.

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