The Catharsis of Creation

15th March, 2015


I have spent the last couple of weeks gathering feedback from everyone and editing the book. I also printed it out since that makes it easier to fix tiny details. And it feels really good to see the book in print ☺

Most of my previous newsletters had suggestions on books, music, games etc. — all the things that you consume. For a change, I want to dedicate this newsletter to the joy of creating.

New Post

The Catharsis of Creation
This post was drafted last night and talks about mistakes I made in understanding the creative process.

Creation Tools

Some of the tools I have used personally for creating in different mediums:


  1. Evernote — My go to tool for capturing ideas, inspiration and notes
  2. Q10 — A simple distraction free writing tool. And it’s Free to download
  3. Scrivener — This is what I use to write my book. It allows for creating easy structure to your book and is a really well-thought tool


  1. Adobe Illustrator — Needs no introduction, it is fairly easy to pick up if you have a couple of how-to videos
  2. Skillshare — This was a great resource to learn how to use Illustrator. The tutors are very casual, pace of the class is easy-going and the community helps you stay motivated.

Video and Music

  1. iMovie — Only getting started on this now but I envisage more use of it in the future
  2. Fruity Loops (FL Studio) — If you want to produce music, this is a good tool to get started.

Hope you find some of these useful.

The next email from me would contain the book launch announcement and your copy of the book! I am so excited.

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