How To: Schedule A Multi-Image Tweet

By: Kyle Schansinger

Your simple, step-by-step guide to scheduling an organic multi-image tweet using Twitter’s Ads Manager and Tweetdeck (with screenshots!)

  1. Open Twitter’s Ads Manager.
  2. Click ‘create campaign’.

You should see this:

3. Click ‘tweet engagements’ on the left and then ‘create campaign’.

4. Ignore pretty much everything else and scroll down to ‘create or select creatives’.

5. Compose your tweet. By scheduling posts this way, Twitter will count the images as a link which means you will need to make your tweets 122-characters to account for this.

6. When you’re happy with your tweet, click ‘publish’. This will nullcast the tweet. It will not be public.

7. Once published, click on the time stamp in the sample tweet on the right. This will open the nullcasted tweet in a new window.

8. In the nullcasted tweet window, right click on the image and Inspect Element. Search for the phrase and copy the link (searching for is usually enough). This will be the link for your image gallery.

9. Copy/paste this image into Tweetdeck and recompose your tweet. Schedule as normal. The image gallery will continue to show up as a link but trust me, it will publish as a gallery so long as you do not delete the nullcasted tweet.