How 36 Subscribers Are Giving $6,600/year to Texas’ Best Non-Profits

Everybody Helping
Jun 14, 2017 · 2 min read

What an example of the power of a small group of people, giving at least $5/month to a some of the world’s best non-profits. Here’s to you.

And here are the non-profits receiving monthly distributions for donations received in May 2017. Non-profits receive checks in the first two weeks of the prior month’s subscriptions, although May will be a tad late. :)

8 cause types, 30 non-profits, $550/month, and $6,600/year means:

  • more help for those who need it most,
  • more people are doing their part, and
  • less non-profit money spent on fundraising.

Thanks for subscribing to the causes you love.

Animals & Environment

  • Austin Boxer Rescue — Austin, TX
  • Austin Dog Rescue — Austin, TX
  • Austin Pets Alive! — Austin, TX
  • Austin Parks Foundation — Austin, TX
  • Pease Park Conservancy — Austin, TX
  • Parks & Wildlife Foundation — Dallas, TX

Arts & Culture

Health & Relief

Hunger & Poverty

Rights & Equality

Youth & Education

Support what you love better.

Go ahead, subscribe to your first non-profit.

Everybody Helping

We help you subscribe to great non-profits from your phone.

Everybody Helping

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A smarter way to help people.

Everybody Helping

We help you subscribe to great non-profits from your phone.

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