Every Capital, Australia’s first retail cryptoasset hedge fund

Giving every Australian access to crypto and quality ICOs

We’re announcing the upcoming launch of Every Capital, Australia’s leading retail crypto investment fund.

As a retail fund, our investments are made up of contributions from everyday individuals, not big institutions.

We’re building Every because we believe there’s a better way for Australians to get involved with cryptocurrency.

Let us tell you about Every:

Every is easy

Getting started with crypto is not straightforward, no matter where you are in the world. There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding wallets, exchanges, mining and blockchain technology itself.

In Australia it’s even more difficult, since there’s only a small handful of gateways into cryptocurrency. Local exchanges trade at a significant premium to international sellers, and most international sellers won’t allow Australians to buy in directly — or charge us a premium too.

That’s where Every Capital comes in. You will be able to sign up quickly and invest into the cryptocurrency and ICO fund with Australian Dollars. Every is set up as a Managed Investment Scheme (MIS), investing in a diverse portfolio of crypto-assets and select Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Every is secure

Cryptocurrency turns traditional money on its head. All of a sudden, you become your own banker. You hold the keys to your money — and that means you own the responsibility of looking after it too.

Securing your private keys, avoiding scams, and protecting yourself from hackers are just a few of the challenges that appear once you start investing in cryptocurrency.

Every handles that for you. We utilise cutting edge security protocols and technology to protect your investment. Cold storage, multi-sig wallets — we’ve got your back.

Every has it all

We’re not just a new way to invest in cryptocurrency. Every brings a whole suite of tools to help you manage your money.

Every will get you started with easy investment and technology guides. We also provide tools to track your portfolio and manage your investments.

Finally, we’ve partnered with one of Australia’s leading fund managers to make your financial life easier too. Every will provide you with clear end of year reporting, including tax reporting, so you can make sure you’re getting things right.

Every is for everyone… In Australia, anyway.

We really believe in the potential of blockchain, both as a technology and investment.

Australian companies are already using blockchain technology to do incredible things; disrupting industries as broad as agriculture and renewable energy, and even rethinking fundamental ideas like voting and democracy.

We‘ll give experienced users a new point of entry to crypto that makes good financial sense. We‘ll give interested beginners a better way to get started.

And if you know someone who has heard about cryptocurrency and is looking for a way to get involved, consider pointing them to us — it’ll save you trying to explain public key encryption around the dinner table.

Every will begin rolling out to select customers in Q3 2018.

Reserve your place on our waitlist now at www.every.capital