Is it Game of Thrones in Here?

Or is it just winter already?

Is Mother Russia calling or am I preparing to be the next white woman cast as an Asian?

SPOILERS: It’s neither!

With all the pleasures of Climate Change, it’s hard to remember what season we’re in. Sure, if you live in a year-round temperate zone than the word season doesn’t mean anything to you, unless you’re thinking in business terms. Like how Easter is always peak-season for buying go-carts.* Which makes it that much more difficult to continue to post about topics that are actually related to the season that we’re living in. I mean, three months+ of summer topics? Who can come up with that many ways to wear your bathing suit like Ariana Swiftdashian?! I can’t. Even.

So, I figured I would just skip fall altogether — pumpkin spice, there you go, and move on to the most dreaded time of year, Winter. After all, Game of Thrones takes place there, and the have all the hashtag wins! Unless you’re Donald Trump, in which case they have all the hashtag wins!

Basically, what I’m saying is. My editor (me) wanted to be real cute and clever about the weather, but this is all I got. I dunno, perhaps the sun is just getting to me. Thanks for watching, and remember to tune in next week, when we explore all the ways that summer is better than summer.


PS — It’s not Game of Thrones in here because it’s only Tuesday, and if you’re not caught up by now, I can tell you that Khaleesi killed. And Slayed.