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Budget?! What Budget?

Savings Jar and Budgeting to achieve personal finance goals
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Maybe you just finished high school/university, maybe you just landed your first job, or maybe just realized you’re not meeting your financial goals. Regardless, you are bombarded with information about what you should do to increase your chances of financial success.

But are you prepared? Do you have the necessary knowledge to understand all the different…




Everyday Finance is meant to publish financial concepts, lessons, and tips in an easy-to-understand and entertaining fashion, so people can learn more about finance. We can always learn more to improve what we do, no matter what level of knowledge we currently have.

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Brett Millan

Brett Millan

I’m a curious person, who pursues different interests, from Anthropology to Writing to Education and also Business/Finance. I love to share perspectives.

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