Absolve It

This is the one I could not except at the time of the dreams and where the stand-off occurred. I could not see the vehicle nature of this at that time. I could only see the God like outcome and playing God was not a responsibility that I would accept. Oddly it has taken me longer to see the literal side of this than the mystical. It breaks down into the past, present and future.

Absolution is not something that you can do, it is something you can offer to be ‘the channel for’ or ‘vehicle of’.

The Literal and the Past

Forgiving those who have ‘sinned against us’ is an absolution. Our letting go gives the other an opportunity to let it go as well, in this way we offer the vehicle. They may or may not let it go, they may not even acknowledge the hurt you have been carrying. Regardless, your forgiving releases you and them from the karmic bind. What they choose to do is not yours to carry.

In Zen we say ‘you bind yourself without even a rope’ and we speak of ‘the vines of entanglement’ with the dharma and practice being a cutting sword. Forgiveness frees you from these bindings of your own making.

I do not have any great advice on forgiveness techniques, but I know you will find them if you look. In Zen practice, you just continue to refine the practice of letting go.

I have already written about the freeing aspect of seeing that everyone presents their best truth. This insight cleared up any lingering issues of old grudges about people for me. What I can say is that my next edge, and likely the universal next, is uncovering things that I am not even aware I am holding against others.

In the Present

My experience in the present is that you make yourself available for things taking place in the moment that are of two types.

First, you are generally available for karmic adjustments to be flowed through you while in proximity. How this works I have no idea. I am convinced it happens all the time, there are times you are left with a feeling that something just happened through you. Depending on my practice habits and my capacity; my awareness of this flow, seems to wax and wane.

The second is when an event occurs that you just won’t allow in your in your space. There is no thought or time, it is just a denial of an act in some realm of your awareness and your very being denies it. It is spontaneous and without a thought, if a thought creeps in it is too late. All of my experiences here are of physical mishap; covering a broad scope of incidents and people I know, as well as, strangers.

Prayers for the Future

There is not much to say here. Not because I have only a novice understanding, but because words are not all that useful here and deeper understanding doesn’t appear to surface more words. The best I can say is that for me it is the deepest of intention.

In Zen we say; ‘May my practice benefit all sentient being,’ and leave it at that.

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