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It’s All HUI

It has been my experience of the past two decades that stories and lessons from other people’s journeys and glimpses into their lives made my journey much less confusing, more tolerable, less lonely, and even exciting. With that said, you should never take anything I or anyone else says as a capital T-truth. It may be my truth, but I may also see through it and let it go at any turn for a new guiding principle. My over-arching principle is that it is all HUI — pronounced hoo-ee.

HUI stands for Highly Useful Idea.

Our lives are built upon one HUI after another. The majority are functional for the family, culture and time in which we live. Most HUIs we take for granted, never doubting their truth, such as gravity. Gravity is highly useful in physics and daily life. We all expect the plate to stay put on the table, gravity keeps us all on the ground. We are all taught and accept that gravity is a Truth of being a human being on earth. This of course holds true until that one moment that you personally experience that it is not. You get light or even levitate or the plate does not stay put or the cup does not fall. Time is another thing we believe in firmly, except here we accept that sometimes it seems to pass quickly and at others slowly. Researchers have many theories about this, but what is your idea of time after you experience a total lack of it or the malleability of it?

These are all things that come with diligent practice, each in their own measure. These and other phenomena are repeatable across practices and frameworks; ironically, we call replicated peer reviewed experiments … science. Seeing through ideas and concepts is the point of introspective journeying. So enjoy your laboratory.

The above references are documented in many accounts, some modern with little room for arguments of religious tilting. In the past few years NASA and military studies and experiments from the 50s and 60s have been coming to light. From spying with remote viewing to sun gazing for its healing and nutrient effects, long detailed studies and operations have been conducted in completely secular settings. New HUI making old HUI not so solid.

Ancient 2000–1000 year old contemplative teachings on the formation of thought, bodily energy, the simultaneous existence of emptiness & form and the connectedness of all things are being confirmed by Quantum Physics and the Mind Sciences. Only a few short years ago I would have typed Brain Sciences; however even they are in the process of adopting the digestive system, the immune system and other bodily functions into the mix of mind.

Another benefit of other’s experiences is that you see how even amidst desolation and chaos wisdom can be found to carry you through and forward. Some of my favorites are the 12 minor hardships of Naropa, Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, much of St Theresa of Avilia work, St John’s imprisonment, Marpa’s journey through the poison lake and the whole of Milarepa’s life. They all have failures of life or noble endeavors. They all find fresh reasons from deep within them to go forward in spite of the extreme resistance the world and life in general provided.

When you first read these stories they a fantastical. We are taught they are myth and they are. They are also symbolical truth. Your leper may be cancer, a spouse or child, financial ruin or betrayal but we are all going to meet the leper on our path as Naropa did. No way forward on the narrow path, a cliff face to the left, a perilous torrent in the gorge on the right, solid rock below … we are out of palatable choices.

My goal is to make this writing more relatable than fantastical. I should also note that it took me years to decades to see the relatability in some of the afore mentioned. I read St John of the Cross’s Dark Night of the Soul seven times from 1998 to 2012 before I got to the end thinking I had at least hung in there the whole way. It is all in there, DNS is a complete path, but a very challenging read.

No time spent acquiring self-knowledge is poorly spent. You are nurturing parts of you that you may not even be aware of yet. In time and with diligent practice you will start to see aspects fray, others emerge and you will go ‘ah’ that was what they meant. Once you experience one of the fantastical stories as true, you are drawn to ask yourself, ‘What do they really mean in this other one?’, which is equally as absurd. Be kind to yourself along the way.


The book The Secret brought the subject of intention and manifestation to the forefront of the western New Age movement. While I won’t say the book doesn’t point toward a real subject, I consider it … (next)

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If you do not want to wait for the entire series the starting draft is Here on Kindle.

May your life go well.




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