Startup inspiration by Seth Godin

I just finished a 15 episode podcast by Seth Godin called Seth Godin’s Startup School. The episodes are pretty short and are all excerpts from a startup school he held a few years back.

I’m not exactly the target audience, but I still think it’s very inspiring.

Seth Godin talks a lot about different aspects of starting something new, running a business, business models, customers, the dip and so forth.

I strongly encourage you to check out the episodes which are easily digested on a short commute, leaving you inspired, coming into work in the morning!

There’s much more

I actually hadn’t visited Seth Godin’s website until I went searching for a link to the podcast for this post, but when I did; o’ boy. You won’t be running low on free stuff the next day or two! Check it out: Free Stuff

I guess the lesson of today is:

There’s plenty of inspiration to find for starting a business.