How networking in office landed me an opportunity at Ericsson

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Hello again,

This blog is kind of a special one to write because it takes me back to the moment when I was on the verge of getting fired. Okay, let me give you some context here.

I am a software consultant and I can generate value if I’m on an assignment. During the start of 2021, just like the rest of the world I started coping up with the horrible pandemic year. At that time, I had no assignment and people like me were getting fired everyday. Also, those were the days when our new office was being organised and as I was not on any assignment, I was asked to help the office coordinator with that.

My office coordinator is also a consultant but with much better experience in leadership and management. She is one of the most confident people I’ve ever met and it was amazing working with her on the office decor. This happened somewhere around January end. In February mid, I got a call from one of our sales manager that the office coordinator I worked with had a really good experience working with me and she is starting her assignment at Ericsson. She had specifically remembered me from our little office decor work and asked for my availability for her team at Ericsson. I got interviewed with her team and next thing I know is getting my ID at Ericsson.

This experience is so far the best thing happened in this year for me. And, I really discovered what networking can really do for you. Here are my few learnings which worked for me and I would like to share with everyone who is reading this:

Be available

It’s always easy to say no to things and be in your comfort zone. Hell, I did that so many times. But whenever I have said yes to be available for something, that’s mostly turned out well for me even if not that very moment but definitely later in life.

Be authentic

That’s just means that don’t pretend and say what you really feel. It’s very easy to be yourself and very hard to pretend. I have found that when I’m not authentic, it takes me so much effort to be sociable but when I’m myself, it’s just magically easier. Try that for yourself and you’ll feel that too.

Don’t be afraid of reaching out

Reaching out is quite difficult because we need to really let our guards down and say what we really feel. But especially in work, when you reach out to someone for help, it mostly turns into a good network and a great relationship.

Share about the opportunities you want

This is something my family has taught me. They always said that you only get things when you ask for them. And sometimes just because you asked you might have a better chance of getting it than just sitting and wondering about it.

Always showcase your best self at work

Well, we are always best dressed, best behaved and best communicators when we go for interview. If you do that everyday at work as well, it can help you in the long run. It’s not always be the case if you’re not well or feeling low but when you’re feeling your best make sure to reciprocate it in some way and share your positive energies all over.

A growth mindset

Just google this one or search it here. There are people who have just written about this topic and that too, amazingly well. Also you can check out Ankur Warikoo’s YouTube channel if you want similar content.

Try new things

I never would have gotten the assignment opportunity if I didn’t go to the office setup. That work was just my way of contributing but it had no relation to the software development or programming. Just picking up some boxes, laying some carpets and organising some shelves — I still went to it because I wanted to help out at the office and try something new. So just be open to new things and new experiences.




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