Just like the waves, the pain comes and goes. At first, the water is so cold, you just feel numb. Then, comes the tsunami, drowns you and throws you deep into the ocean until you’re lost, until you can’t breath, until you start breathing again.

The breathing is loud and yet, thin. The waves keep coming, you can’t quite feel the floor beneath your feet. Your arms, legs and every muscle in your body is still moving, trying to swim against the tide that’s pulling you in. The trick is to swim around it. The waves have less power if you go with the flow, not hitting it head on and not swimming against the tide. Sideways, you’ll still feel them, and it’ll hurt but you’ll be able to get closer to the shore. Get closer to breathing again.

Maybe you won’t be able to get out of this ocean anytime soon and a storm might come from time to time but hopefully, most days will be flat.

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