oh captain

This past week or so, I was reading some stuff and one of those entrepreneurial advices really stuck with me. “Start before you are ready!” The more I think about, the more it makes sense, because honestly I will never, ever ever, feel ready. I never have. This is what usually happens to me: I have an idea, research and learn lots about it, only to find out there’s lots more to learn and what I already know is only the tip of the iceberg, until finally the idea is buried because it would take me a lifetime and loads of money to learn everything I supposedly need to know even before it begins. This particular sentence: Start before you are ready, is liberating.

Of course it is no excuse to do a bad job but just allowing something to be imperfect gives it space to evolve which should be the ultimate goal. Get better everyday. If someone meaning person or company has a know-it-all attitude then doubt it,be very skeptical because it’s either a scam or they are extremely narrow minded and possibly arrogant. Also, if you feel you know everything there is to know about something, look again, change the point of view “Oh Captain, my Captain” style.

So, I decided to start. The what is not important for this post. What is important is knowing that I can start right now and learn on the go. I’m sure one way or another I can make it work. It’s a matter of putting myself out there and seeing what happens. This reminds me of something else about entrepreneurs and performance, the 10,000 Hour Rule which states that to become a top contender in any field we need to practice it deliberately for 10,000 hours. I guess, starting the business will also encourage me to keep practicing and evolving everyday.