the garden

A blindingly white sky, over saturated green grass, many brown pathways of dirt, and blue, pink and yellow flowers scattered everywhere, in every color but not in an overpowering way. They are just there, in sync with one another, slightly moving with the breeze. You are alone in the clearing. No one seems to know about this place. In the background, you hear children running around and laughing but if slowly fades away.

You walk around, touching every tree that surrounds you. Walk into the middle of the clearing, smelling the flowers and looking up to be blindened by the sky. Over there, the water of the stream, very gentil and almost inaudible. Focus on it, notice how it’s in perfect harmony with your breathing.

Let the secret garden fill you with happiness. Feel the serenity, touch it. The stillness eases your mind. The stream relaxes your body. And just for a moment, you are not here. You are not anywhere. You are in your inner garden, a sacred place for your soul.

I “made up” this garden once, while meditating. It’s hard describing the indescribable. — M.
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