Declaration of Values — Library Editorial Cartoon

“This is the first of the Artist-in-Residency series of cartoons I am doing for EveryLibrary, so I wanted it to be a kind of declaration of values about libraries, in both senses of the word. That is, I wanted to portray the value of libraries to their communities along with the values that libraries hold in serving their communities. I wanted to show how abstract concepts like “intellectual freedom” and “access to information” translate into services that people use and often cite as reasons for supporting their local library. The humor is light, a little satirical, but should give a sense of how I will handle topics like this. Enjoy!”

— Kevin Moore is EveryLibrary’s 2017 Artist in Residence

EveryLibrary is proud to welcome Kevin Moore as our 2017 Artist in Residence. As a noted editorial cartoonist and a working librarian, Mr. Moore will bring a unique and timely perspective to the political climate for libraries through new creative work. This Residency begins September 4th, 2017 and will run through November 7th, the traditional “Labor Day to Election Day” period when political and issue campaigns are in the minds of voters across the country. Mr. Moore will produce a series of weekly editorial cartoons focused on library-related issues and themes which will be released by EveryLibrary for use copyright free by libraries across social media and outreach channels. His Residency will be capped-off by an interactive collaboration across EveryLibrary’s extensive network of library activists and advocates.

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