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How to Respond to People Who Don’t Get Libraries

Snappy answers the question, “do libraries matter anymore?”

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“Do people even go to libraries anymore?”

“Yeah, but isn’t it all just homeless people these days?”

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“Last time I was at the library, all I saw people doing was surfing Facebook and looking at porn!”

“Libraries are only for [kids], [old folks], [poor people].”

“That’s great, but won’t the internet solve all those problems? Soon people won’t need libraries.”

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“Books are all going digital. And no one reads anymore anyway!”

“Speaking of reading, I’d love a job where I could sit around and read all day!”

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“Why do you need a master’s degree to be a librarian anyway?”

“How hard can it be to read books to kids?”

“Isn’t it nice to have a calm and peaceful job?”

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“You need to go to school to learn to shelve books?”

“Why should my tax dollars pay for a service I don’t use?”

“I can’t believe you’re getting rid of books; why would you ever do that?”

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Why can’t volunteers run the library?

“You’re a librarian? Why don’t you get a real job!”

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