Back in May I met Hiwot. She attends the Child Development Unit (recently renamed from ‘Special Needs Unit) at Horizons Academy in Ethiopia.

Hiwot’s challenges means she doesn’t use her arms and she cannot walk. She is, however, learning to use her feet differently. The day we met, I saw her strengthing her toes and improving coordination, as pictured. She’s also learning to use her feet to hold a fork.

In the coming weeks the school will buy a wheelchair for Hiwot. Her home isn’t able to accommodate a wheelchair, so at least she will be able to get around and use her feet more easily for other things while at school.

Hiwot has a sponsor from Canada who supports her. This helps her be able to go to school and helps her family with the additional expenses that result from her disability. She is a delightful and determined young who now is able to develop the gifts God has given her because people on opposite sides of the world are working together to help her belong.

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