Analysis of Time Series Data— Lecture 02

In this lecture, we will study analysis of Time series data.

Step -01: Read data and make sure that you convert date column datatype to DateTime object.

data = pd.read_csv('airline-passenger-traffic.csv', header = None)
data.columns = ['Month','Passengers']
data['Month'] = pd.to_datetime(data['Month'], format='%Y-%m')
data = data.set_index('Month')

Step-02: Plot Time Series data

data.plot(figsize=(12, 4))
plt.title('Airline passenger traffic')

Observation from above graph:

  • Traffic increasing year on year
  • Pattern repeat after every year, follow summer → winter trend
  • Some data is missing in year — 1951,1954 and 1960 and reason can be data capture issue or data was not recorded as the event did not occur. For example, if sales did not happen on x date may be due to some operational issues, the record entry of sales would be 0 on that particular date.

Step — 03: Handling Missing values

  • Mean Imputation: Imputing the missing values with the overall mean of the data.
data = data.assign(Passengers_Mean_Imputation=data.Passengers.fillna(data.Passengers.mean()))
data[['Passengers_Mean_Imputation']].plot(figsize=(12, 4))
plt.title('Airline passenger traffic: Mean imputation')

Imputing the missing value with mean, median and mode can reduce the variance. Not suggested in Time Series data.

  • Last observation carried forward: We impute the missing values with its previous value in the data.
data['Last_observation_carried_forward'] = data['Passengers'].ffill()

Imputing the missing value with the next observed value and last observed value can introduce bias in analysis and perform poorly when data has a visible trend.

  • Linear interpolation: You draw a straight line joining the next and previous points of the missing values in the data.
data['Passengers_Linear_Interpolation'] = data.assign(Passengers_Linear_Interpolation=data.Passengers.interpolate(method='linear'))

To deal with missing values in time series data with trends is Linear interpolation as it imputes the missing value with the average of previous and next values.

Step — 04: Decomposition of Time Series

WIP !!

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