Getting Users To Your Actionable Action

When focusing on analytics, user experience, user actions it’s important to make sure to focus on relevant and actionable metrics that will help you grow your business.

The concept of pageviews is dying and in todays market it’s about actionable metrics. Metrics that measure real engagement and help your business with conversion and growth. Your focusing on One Key Metric (OKM) or key performance indicators (KPI).

But once you understand your One Key Metric (OKM) you then have a different set of questions like what is the right action in the first place? how can we get users to it? What are the best practices? How do we get users to take action at the right time?

There are some very basic general rules regrading the “action” it should always be the main action taken from OKM which has a a direct impact on your product and business.

For Instagram their OKM might be photo upload and then their “action” is getting users to upload photos as soon as they signup.

If we look at Hackpad one of the most important action is getting users to create a Hackpad. It makes sense that this is what they might measure. If a user creates a Hackpad, that user is engaged or “active”.

It important to keep your action short 3 to 4 steps, remember the higher steps you have the more drop-offs you will get this is the basics for all funnels.

If you look at Digital Ocean they have 3 steps right after signup. Focusing on the action of getting you to add billing info and creating a droplet.

This is short and simple, of course once you create a droplet your paying for the service and no doubt this is one of their OKM metics.

More general rules include: — Keeping the action simple, don’t over complicated the steps. — Use interactive tours or guides, this is what I did for linkly.
— Always measure, this is what being data driven is all about.
— Remember your OKM can change over time, as your product changes or as you grow different things well be important.

My Linkly Example

For Linkly my OKM is getting users to create a topic and invite calibrators. I’m doing this using with an interactive tour (I also have some demo content).

Quick intro

Now add your topic

Once you have a topic invite collaborators

That’s it
Check out my link collaboration app Linkly
Linkly makes it easy to share and discuss ideas thru links.

Looking for more hacks or need to hire a developer for your project, I love creating applications that are engaging and usable and believe simplicity combined with a custom innovative approach to each project is the key to a successful experience. Check out my portfolio at Almog Development Studio or why you should develop your startup MVP with me.



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