User Experience Beyond Your Product

When starting out on a product or MVP the biggest focus is always on the product, attention is given to the landing page, user signup and everything inside our product. We work endlessly to improve the product user experience, design, our landing page funnels, getting our users in front of the right action.

But when starting out in most cases we forgot that everything should look good not just our product. Especially in the things that are outside of the product like emails it’s always one of those things you say “I well get to it later” or “I well do it when this is done”.

But no mater what right from the start you should always look beyond your product. A great example is BranchOut and how they did metric focus testing not just on their product but the copy text they we’re using for user Facebook posts. By testing different copy that would show up on users Facebook walls they we’re able increase conversions. And for Linkly my link collaboration app email invites was just as important and getting users to collaborate.


I believe the user invite or signup emails are just as important as your landing page. Their design should fit your product design and brand, clear call to actions and support mobile.

When you look at this email:

And now at this:

What do you think works better?

General Guidelines

Some simple guidelines you consider when creating your email templates:

— Generally a good idea to avoid images. — Use your product colors this help connect with your product.
— Keep the template simple, clear and short.
— Less text is always better.
— One clear call to action.
— Personalize your message.
— Support mobile and different email clients.
— Use tools like Mandrill or Mailchimp.
— If you can use social proof then do so this is very important for example I start the Linkly email template showing the invited user who invited them. I also do this in the email subject line.

Finally Thoughts

Always consider your product isn’t the landing page or service but everything connected to like embed widgets, Facebook page, email templates and so forth.

Looking for more hacks or need to hire a developer for your project, I love creating applications that are engaging and usable and believe simplicity combined with a custom innovative approach to each project is the key to a successful experience. Check out my portfolio at Almog Development Studio or why you should develop your startup MVP with me.



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