What Should I Write About Next?

An Inner Monologue

Courtesy of the Author.

So, over the past four days, I have been fixed in limbo with regards to what exactly should my next article be about.

To give you more context, over the past ten days, I have been jotting down article ideas along with a few pointers for how to approach writing each one of them.

I currently have 27 of them on my list.


But just so you know, what you’re reading right now was not on that list.

Heck, I never pictured myself documenting something of this nature down.

Personally, I find it very amusing.

I’ve always had this assurance that once I know what I’m going to write about, it’s only a matter of a couple of hours before I am ready with my final draft.

But here I have twenty-seven reasons for why that assurance is as illusory as my sense of self.

And so, with that, I sit here typing these words with an extremely genuine question.

What Should I Write About Next?

As I stare at these words, my friend Dhruv scratches his beard doing Allah knows what and all that I can feel is this innate feeling of emptiness.

Is it good, or bad?

I don’t care.

All I wanna know is,

Why is the emptiness there?

Might it be because I’m upset about my inability to write about 27 things I’ve actually thought and researched about?

Might it be because by turning a blind eye to the 27, I have given myself the space to not be bogged down by irrelevant deadlines and goals?

Might it be because in not constraining myself to any limitations, even in the form of a list of things to write, I have given myself the permission to express freely?

I wish I knew.

But who knows what conditioning has led me to approach this certain situation in this way.

And I’m well aware that there’s no point in trying to figure that out in an attempt to understand why the emptiness is present so substantially.

So I don’t even know what I’m doing right now.

Why am I even writing this?

What’s the point?

Is it just that writing offers me a safe space to express the perpetual bubbling activity ever-present in my brain?

And maybe it’s through this safe space that I am able to gain clarity.

But at the end of the day, I truly do not know.

So, I thank you, for joining me on this mundane journey through a myriad of random thoughts that have been given life through language via a medium called Medium.

As we both wait to see this unanswered question answered, I bid thee farewell, worthlessly pondering the same question,

What Should I Write About Next?




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