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It’s Time for Creationists to Dump the Noah Narrative.

Creationism is costing Christianity a follower every 99 seconds.

“Fire in the hole!” — Image Credit: Dan Piraro/Bizarro comics/“One More Theory”

I post in various online forums and because I’m willing to rebut claims of a young earth or various religious assertions regarding Earth's history, I regularly encounter those who promote the bible as a source of information for the formation of our planet and…




Valuing truth over belief. Stripping back religious rhetoric, faith-based sophistry, and apologetics with the strategic use of objective facts, statistics, and puns. Submissions welcome.

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Michelle Steele

Michelle Steele

Writing for the love of it. A puntastic atheist, an awful cook, an amateur scientist. A noob on Medium but an expert on Quora.

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