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The Top 5 Most Irritating Things Theists Say to Atheists.

These phrases don’t help their case.

Yes. I’m fully aware that I’m an absolutely awful artist.

When attempting to convert atheists to the worship of a deity, there’s a list of infuriating things that theists can and do use that we really wish they wouldn’t.

I post a bit in online forums and am reasonably well known as an atheist in those spaces which means that I’ve faced…




Valuing truth over belief. Stripping back religious rhetoric, faith-based sophistry, and apologetics with the strategic use of objective facts, statistics, and puns. Submissions welcome.

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Michelle Steele

Michelle Steele

Writing for the love of it. A puntastic atheist, an awful cook, an amateur scientist. A noob on Medium but an expert on Quora.

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