A Few of My Trump Tweets

You can locate the nominees on the following chart:

My daughter asked me what I was doing. Defeating Trump, said I. I sent her a few of my Trump tweets, the ones that begin with his name.

Trump LACKS the nerve to release his. #TrumpTaxReturns

Trump OWES — BIG TIME, #TrumpTaxReturns

Trump Terminology: Repugnant, bitter, repulsive. Unkind. #estonotrump

Trump Terminology: Spiteful, acrimonious, venomous, malignant.

Trump USES mind control. Media have no precedent for flagging this well-known marketing technique. Repetition, naming. Etc,

Trump and Rudy are beneath contempt. Turning politics into a cesspool of lies and phony distractions. Wasting the time of all.

Trump applauds violence.

Trump boasted about his hate-filled ban on Muslims in a tweet on yesterday’s shooting. DISQUALIFICATION. #estonotrump

Trump bulldozes with impunity.

Trump cannot be “presidential”.

Trump celebrates brute behavior.

Trump champions negative thinking.

Trump dares to criticize the President after his birther calumny. AMBULANCE CHASING CON ARTIST

Trump demeans weakness.

Trump demeans women.

Trump disdains racial minorities.

Trump displaces people.

Trump does not care what he says.

Trump does not know how nations work.

Trump does not need to read dictators to understand propaganda. He is a natural. #estonotrump

Trump fuels HATE.

Trump funds his campaign as a loan his supporters pay back to HIM.

Trump harms minorities.

Trump has dangerous impulses.

Trump has more Four-Pinocchio ratings than bankruptcies.

Trump has no beliefs save Trump.

Trump has no patent on “wall”. If anyone, Robert Frost does: “Something there is that does not love a wall.”

Trump has no program to help citizens who are poor.

Trump has outbursts.

Trump is GOING DOWN as media latch on to the fact that he is Mr. Pay-to-Play. #PamBondi

Trump is NOT a religious conservative.

Trump is Russian Roulette.

Trump is a SKILLED messenger — a brainwasher schooled in the amoral marketing familiar to big corporations.

Trump is a compulsive over-spender.

Trump is a coward.

Trump is a danger to-sex couples.

Trump is a failed capitalist who thrives on capitalism’s weaknesses.

Trump is a marauder.

Trump is a universal danger.

Trump is a universal risk.

Trump is a whiner.

Trump is abnormal.

Trump is against affordable health care.

Trump is against social justice.

Trump is an enemy of progress.

Trump is anti-science.

Trump is base.

Trump is both mad dog and sleek snake.

Trump is divider.

Trump is full of himself and it shows.

Trump is greedy.

Trump is mentally unfit.

Trump is morally bankrupt,

Trump is no joke.

Trump is not intelligent.

Trump is only comfortable in a right wing bubble with the likes of the execrable Sean Hannity.

Trump is receding in the news and it is not just the madness in Florida. I think his time is past. Fate of celebs perhaps.

Trump is scary.

Trump is scientifically illiterate.

Trump is tantrum-prone.

Trump is unhinged. I saw it in his face. It is not knowing what to do. And not trusting anyone to tell him.

Trump is uninformed.

Trump is vainglorious.

Trump leads birthers.

Trump makes bad investments.

Trump makes horrible decisions.

Trump misunderstands the 2nd Amendment along with the NRA and many Americans. It is meant for state militias not all.

Trump says anything he likes and cares not who he defames or hurts.

Trump shames America.

Trump thinks screaming is effective.

Trump wants to meet with the NRA to devise methods of dealing with future Orlandos. I read his speech on Ann Coulter’s advice.

Trump will hurt the LGBT community.

Trump will leave NATO allies in limbo.

Trump will make America divided again.

Trump will re-inflate the housing bubble.

Trump will spread nukes everywhere.

Trump winging it is becoming inarticulate and losing listeners.

Trump’s Hillary speech does not even deserve to be featured —

Trump’s Hillary speech was a tissue of lies.

Trump’s Hussein talk is how his mind actually works. Controlling him will NOT protect US from its actuality. #estonotrump

Trump’s deficiencies center on his living in the past. He thinks his

Trump’s polling demise looms. Our predictions of steady

Trump’s problem is limits. He cannnot crack a majority. And his constituency dwindles — happily for those repelled by his views.

Trump’s strength is about bringing Congress to heel and making politics our basic future entertainment.

Trump’s tax ideas are absurd. The death tax now hits only estates of above 5 million. Great abolition.

Trump’s “values” are evil: intolerance, greed, hate, character assassination.

Trump-Manafort should be investigated for aiding a foreign power.

Trump’s hold on white men is weakening.

Trump’s parameters are not normal.

Trump’s personality is pathologically impulsive and self-centered.

Trump’s vaunted poll numbers are beginning to crumble as the nation starts to move beyond his brainwashing efforts at mind-control.