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A jolting experience for an 80 year old writer

When you are 80, you know your time — well, you know. But I have for a long time lived day by day and that makes mortality less ominous because it is accepted. But I say this so you will not count me crazy for what I am about to say.

Living online as I do, I have gravitated forever Nothing has stayed the same. Every writing chance that rose I jumped at. Ecunet. Epinions. Themestream. Can’t remember. Can’t remember. Blogspot. Wordpress. Associated Content. Etc. Etc. And now, believe it or not, Blasting News.

The jolt came because I am convinced there is merit in the model. Themestream failed because they paid too much. Most fail because they do not pay at all. I long ago decided that we will all someday make a living online. I will not make one with Blasting News but the model has serious promise. Let me go on.

I am feeling the buzz I felt ages ago as a writer.

Writing is telling a story. I am relearning that. Writing is being willing to pursue an audience with some sense of real reward. I am doing that.

At first, I thought I would just quit Medium and write an article or two a day and help other writers get their stuff out. Then I said no, I will stay here, but I will tell anyone who is interested to check out Blasting News. It will not do for a poet, But it will make most other writers realize what they need to do to actually be read.

The buzz I feel is very simple. When I write for Blasting News, editors look at my text immediately and every comment or caveat is gold. Real time editing is a charm. When I go and select five articles I want to post to Twitter I realize that I am helping other writers but I am also getting some share of my effort. I believe each one of us is a business waiting to emerge. I have always detested the attitude that looks at wanting to earn a living as being philistine. Sometimes I say to myself I am a philistine, and I can live with that.

So I will promote Blasting News on Medium and on Twitter. I am a very good writer. But I do not write very good when part of me is pissed because I am not being compensated for it. It’s that simple.

This was one of my first efforts. The following is from this morning.

Bannon is smart but so was McNamara