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Everything Comes


Years ago I wrote THE GRASS ROOTS CHURCH: A PROTESTANT MANIFESTO which made some waves. It makes sense now to write a SPIRITUAL MANIFESTO. It is evolved. It is brief. It signals a new stage of human development.


By Divine and human intention, traditional religions are in numerical decline around the world. This is a positive development.

The theological presuppositions of religion pale in the face of provincial limits.

Theologically valid Spirituality applies to every human being on earth.

Such a theology is basically DIY.

Each Soul has a Life Plan and the freedom to follow it or not.


We are Souls.

Our home is Heaven

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and others are Master Spirits, available to all.

Spirituality is universal.

Spirituality is democratic.

Spirituality is daily practice.

All Souls are equal.

The true Temple is within us.

We are Masters of our lives.

We all have an Inner Light.

We do not die.

We have free choice.

We all have life reviews.

Reincarnation is an option.

Our earthly bodies don’t survive.

Our Spirit bodies do.

Heaven is not different than Earth in many respects.

Our ascent there is gradual.

It traverses many dimensions that diminish in density as we move higher.

We come to realize that all is Love.

Heaven’s levels reflect a rising understanding of Love as the unconditional foundation of all Creation.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty. — John Keats



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