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Michael Haupt

A Template for my Kindle Books

Hi Michael. I am back to 1981 and my precious HX20, at least in my mind.

My goal has always been to find the simplest aka best way. I am sure what I did was find a bug in Medium by the simple action I was trying to perform. I cannot replicate it and I don’t care. I detest the continual complexification of processes that should be simple. I will share where this has got me writing wise, with the caveat that tomorrow it may change.

Here is my current Kindle template which I am pasting in to every folder that contains texts related to whatever series of texts it signifies.

A Template for my Kindle Books


Series #


Stephen C. Rose

Copyright © 2016

Introduction: amazing original remarkable and so forth the same text that is the description. Paste this in the box.

Legal Note

Quoting is fine with proper credit. Write with any questions.









About The Author

Stephen C. Rose (1936-) was born in New York City and currently lives there. He was educated at Trinity, Exeter, Williams and Union Theological Seminary. He served in the Student Interracial Ministry in Nashville. He founded and edited the prize-winning Renewal Magazine in Chicago and studied with C. A. Doxiadis in Athens. His first books “The Grass Roots Church” and “Who’s Killing The Church” established him as a prominent critic of American Protestantism and American religion. He was and remains a civil rights activist. He has interviewed and done in depth pieces on Saul Alinsky and Martin Luther King, Jr. He won awards for editorial courage and for two documentary films. He has written and published many songs and musical works including “We Are All Americans”. During the late 90s and early 2000s he worked for UN agencies, most recently editing CHOICES Magazine at UNDP.

Other Books By Stephen C. Rose

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In other words, after making all sorts of errors, I have reverted to a simple notion of a book of the future. It is a book of 10K words unless poetic which can be fewer. It runs around 100 Kindle pages. It costs 0.99 cents. It cuts existing texts into series. It assumes an hour for a first read. Its fate is immaterial. I can change titles and content at will. My only fixed page is my Kindle Store. It changes all the time but is always up to date. My main promotion is right here and on Twitter.

Your book is a form for writing and reading.

Mine has: No table of contents. A form familiar to my readers. There is no brand other than the author. Accept the need to operate with some software despite problems — mine is Windoze and MS Word which creates an uploadable book

Am I doing a land office business? No. Will I change this mode? Unquestionably.

Does it matter? Yes.

There is a way for any writer.

It is our task to find what works for us. Whatever we are doing at any moment of any day should be something that works for us.

A sample of the latest iteration: