A Theory of Heaven and Hell 10

We are surrounded by great mystery

We do not even know things that are near

We keep getting some new theory

We wait for new truth to appear


Science changes with such frequency

Reality’s a mix of false and true

Mystery’s a bulk we cannot see

Yet still we seem to muddle through


I am convinced that heaven is a place

I am convinced that consciousness is real

I am convinced creation runs by grace

Binary logic can’t reveal


I think sometimes the poets know

What scientists have yet to see

It’s no surprise if planetary flow

Defies what we once thought must be


I theorize that heaven may exist

Apart from earth I do not know the form

Abba comes through the smoggy mist

Talk with him daily is my norm


I am convinced this contact is a fact

However it occurs it does take place

The only proof I have is I react

The changes I go through the thoughts the grace


This is to clear a way for moving on

To what I sense regarding heaven’s being

“On earth as in heaven” is my song

I only say what I am seeing