Specificity Within Vagueness

A Theory of Heaven and Hell 13

The voice that came was famed indeed

But I was ignorant

My thinking is what it will be

Hardly philosophy


But here was one I’d never read

Nor thought of as a friend

And yet it was his voice that said

Stephen — I was ashen


Amazed nonplussed yet receptive

There was a simple trust

Heaven had much more to give

So listening was a must


A jumble meets my mental eye

As I think back to then

I cannot say exactly why

I can’t go back again


The ease of it amazes me

It’s gone but it was real

I have a golden memory

A sense time cannot steal


How might we talk what might we say

The answer soon arrived

My writing proved to be the way

And for a while things thrived


I wrote a book in memory

Perhaps that was the clue

It seems he parted ways from me

Soon after we were through