About the Tao of Mark

The mode in which this original gospel is written is suggested in the following:

His days were numbered 
 but his sight was clear

He gathered all pressed

close enough to hear

He told them Abba’s power

could be theirs

He sent them out to

tell the world in pairs

The slim volume is an effort to strip down the original Mark to its pre-messianic essence. By pre-messianic I mean minus the accretion that took place after the crucifixion of Jesus, which I take to have happened, was made retroactively into the narrative of the Risen Lord who was ultimately deemed to be part of a Trinity, a theological construct which has meaning for billions but which may well be more supposition than truth. Without denying the massive influence of Biblical Christianity and resulting orthodox theology, it is a tenable thesis that the church as we know it was created in the centuries following Jesus as an institution that has been in many respects the very entity that he attacked and tried to supplant.

The Tao of Mark articulates this argument and seeks to offer the underlying message.