Did America Ever Really Work?
umair haque


America always works

America always works

Never entirely

Never acceptably

Never ending

Maybe for more

America works because it is based

on values we choose


When we choose among them well

America works

Get that


It works for those who make triadic choices

It works for those who think before they act

It is free to those who know how to be free in context

I works for those wily enough to live by a values cocktail

Which is easily consumable with thought


A dollop of tolerance

A shot glass of helpfulness

A half-cup of democracy

Shake and stir

Then pour over a pancake called non-idolatry

which induces massive supplies of iconoclasm

This cocktail can be consumed hot or cold

Best taken daily so forgetful are we


Throw it away forever

If living binary suits fancy


That’s America in a nutshell

Of course it works for those who catch its drift

It is the way the world could work

If everybody got it