Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


Sure, if you take many at their word

How might we know for sure

We really can’t

So I’ll suggest how to avoid them

And that most are imagined


When I was 4 years old I saw a shadow

On the ceiling in the hall outside my bedroom

It was coming my way

I willed it gone and so it went

That was the end of it


I’ve known a paranoid schizophrenic

Who heard voices I assume were up to no good

He met a sorry end

Himself dead another nearly

He forgot his pills that day

He is in a better place for sure


I’ve heard of hellish NDEs

Even Soul infestations

Some healers assume such tales

And work to get real or imagined entities to leave

It is not hard to imagine what we construct within as real

If we give them an independent existence

That’s another matter


Me? I believe in word power

Polite but firm

To Whoever or Whatever might be there

Force, Spirit, Entity, or figment of my own making

Here’s a draft


Hello my Friend I feel your power within

It is not a good feeling

I ask you firmly and

With the help of Jesus

And others on whom I rely

To leave me

Never return

I am the controller of my life

You are uninvited

I wish you well

I also wish you gone

Thank you for Listening

May your journey lead to

Love and happiness

Be gone


Words like these may be

Adjusted to your feelings

If you are addressing a

Force, or Sense, or Mood, or Energy

You may not wish to personify

If you are not sure. feel free

Good luck



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